Innovation is at the heart of Limawa

Everyday we strive to build technologies enabling african businesses to develop their activities

We provides refrigerated systems for trucks, tricycles, warehouses and many other applications.

We Fight Food Loss in Africa !

Significant losses of up to 50% of harvests are recorded and lead to abnormal price increases

Without Limawa:

  • Heat inside your truck
  • Perishabled products

By developing innovative solutions !

We can preserve your products with the ideal temperature at all times

With Limawa:

  • Your product stay fresh at all time
  • Control the temperature

A Simple Process !

The process to build our solar cooling solution is very easy !

We can build our solutions in less than 3 weeks

Our Unique Advantages

Our solutions have many advantages to help you in your activities !




Made in Africa

Our Positives Impacts

Limawa has positive impacts at multiple levels. Our solutions will generate more jobs and allow businesses to reduce waste and increase the amount of product they can sell. From a public health perspective, this can bring medicines that need to be cooled to the most remote areas.

Of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations, Limawa fulfills four:

Learn more about U.N goals